Tips for everyday wear

Store you jewelry in a pouch or tarnish resistant material. Each item shipped from Haley Lebeuf Jewelry comes with a little black strip in the pouch. This black strip absorbs sulphides in the air, helping to prevent tarnish.

Avoid wearing your jewelry in the pool or other highly chlorinated water. Chlorine causes discoloration on silver, and with prolonged exposure can start to damage gold and silver jewelry.

Easy care instructions

To brighten up all types of jewelry, simply use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub with hot soapy water. Dish soaps typically work wonders to remove buildup and natural oils that collect over time.

For best results, rinse and dry with a hairdryer to prevent water spots.

For heavy tarnish removal, start with a polishing cloth on high polish surfaces. For matte surfaces try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Then clean with soapy water for the best finish.

Avoid using tarnish removing dips on jewelry with stones. These harsh chemicals can often damage more porous stones.

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